Pujiang Fame & Duan Yuan: Flavors of World Transcending Time and Space



On October 1, 2022, under the support of the founders Mr. Zhou Jiahao and Mr. Wang Xingshun, Pujiang Fame successfully launched its first trial operation. Under the premise that the Project Operator draws a blueprint for the Project and allows the designer considerable latitude, Pujiang Fame elevates the catering culture by incorporating Chinese characteristics and building on inherited traditions and striving for new progress.


Highlight 1: Besides the Prominent Huangpu River

Pujiang Fame, a new restaurant with exclusive four-floor single-family space, a 180° river view and 4700 square meters of usable area, is located by the Huangpu River, No. 27 Pudong South Road, Pudong New Area.



The building takes a slightly peculiar fan shape. First and foremost, the designer must analyze the relationship between the building and daylight being distributed to various areas. A main entrance is added to the shaded area, which not only brings more natural light indoors , but also provides contrasting views of the river.



The dining room on the first floor is more flexible, it not only serves as a reception area for individual guests, but can also accommodate a banquet for hundreds of people. In the middle of the hall, the columns are wrapped in orange leather, echoing the seats that combine French classical models and traditional Chinese fabrics. The use of warm colors as the main tone enhances the visual sense of spaciousness. The red round table imitates traditional Chinese architecture, and the bar with a smooth arc is the visual center of the hall.



Highlight 2: Jiangnan cuisine with inclusive flavors


Pujiang Fame focuses on the fusion of innovative cuisine with flavors from various regions in Jiangnan, the south of Yangtze River, and integrates new Cantonese cuisine, echoing the origin of inclusive Shanghai culture and features of this metropolis.


Within the Project, the original framework of the building is not changed much, and some elements with the design style of the time are appropriately preserved.


Above the second floor, the corridor has its own scenery. Each compartment on the second to fourth floors boasts a different style. The designer integrates his own understanding of tradition and modernity into the space. The magnificent top-floor restaurant brings in daylight with floor-to-ceiling windows at the top and all around. The intense combination of red and blue gives expression to Chinese imperial colors that have lasted for thousands of years. The brassy decorations exhibit fine detail and appropriately reflect the thickness of time.




Highlight 3: Aesthetic perception and abundant details


Excellent design is both present on the surface and deep in texture. Abundant details require aesthetic awareness and keen mobilization of physical and mental senses.


This specially designed tea table that has been custom crafted manages to avoid the stereotypical appearance of traditional tea tables. On the colored wooden tea table, carefully selected green glazed tea cups capture the essence of the white teapot. No matter what the situation is like outdoors, inside is always a quiet place for old friends to talk about days of yore and look into the future.Even the carpets vary according to the tone of the space: the low-key and modest brown soil, the blooming, the unpretentious flowers and the rushing green water.




Highlight 4: Natural energy flowing both internally and externally


The luminous energy of the universe cannot be ignored. Nature is an indispensable factor in Designer Duan Yuan’s Project. Nature is the premise for the free growth of space, and finally, the infinite depth beyond design obtained from nature contributes to the harmony between men, nature and their hearts.


The sparkling Huangpu River can be seen on the second floor and above. At the beginning of the day all year round, the mist blurs the edges of the whole building, which forms a natural background that intertwines Chinese and Western elements, classical and modern aesthetics.


Floor-to-ceiling windows encompass the stunning scenery of the Huangpu River, with endless messages from afar colliding with bustling activities inside. Leisure from nature and freedom without boundaries converge in Pujiang Fame.


Top-floor compartments are connected to the terrace, suitable for both business banquets and small parties. Whether you sit alone or gather with several friends, feasting your eyes on the sea and sky that merge into one, you would find yourself contained in a life situation that can switch at any time.




China enjoys a long tradition of gastronomy, from which we can appreciate real tastes of life, intense feelings from life, and substantial resources in nature. Pujiang Fame, showcasing diverse cuisine, gives full play to the essence of various ingredients and prepares delicious dishes with exquisite skills.


Just like its excellence in cooking, Pujiang Fame has become a distinguishable landmark along the Huangpu River based on overall high quality, fine deduction, appropriate choices, outstanding appearance, exquisite interior and balance in shapes and colors.


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