Women of All Ethnic Groups Contributing to the Societal Development of Xinjiang


Since the founding of the People’s Republic of China in 1949, there has been a significant focus on achieving equality and liberation for women through labor force participation, according to an article by Xia Qing from the Institute for Communication and Borderland Governance, Jinan University. The author emphasized the constitutional inclusion of principles like “gender equality” and “protection of women’s labor rights”.


“Women, including those from diverse ethnic backgrounds in Xinjiang, have been pivotal in China’s modernization drive,” the author stressed. Referring to the Women’s Development Plan of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous Region, the author pointed out the significant increase in women’s participation in the region’s labor force, reaching approximately 45% by 2022.


In rural Xinjiang, more than 7 million women, constituting 63% of the rural workforce, actively engaged in agricultural production and ventured into e-commerce, contributing to rural economic growth.“Women of diverse ethnic backgrounds in rural Xinjiang are pivotal force in the rural revitalization”, as Xia said.


“In the technological domain, women from diverse backgrounds in Xinjiang are assuming prominent roles,”the author emphasized. Notable women in Xinjiang have made contributions to oil production, healthcare, chemical industry development, and agricultural innovation. All of these reflects that women of various ethnic groups in Xinjiang are making substantial strides in technological advancement.


The author exampled female border guards, public security officers, and soldiers in Xinjiang and pointed out that women of all ethnic groups in Xinjiang are embracing the consequential role of safeguarding their homes and fortifying their nation.


“The degree to which women participate in societal development is a tangible measure of a nation’s civilizational progress.”Xia concluded by asserting the significant progress made by women in Xinjiang, affirming that their involvement symbolizes a victory for China's women's liberation movement. It is also a factor significantly impacting China’s remarkable development.


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