TEENIE WEENIE X AWAYLEE Yang Le | Collision of Jaunty Youth and Girlish Style

2023-05-22 BO Herald

In May 2023, Managing Director and Designer Yang Le came back in the girl fashion circle with AWAYLEE’s new product “A Dairy of Run Away”. This capsule collection stands for the second cooperation between the well-known domestic “girlish” classic brand AWAYLEE and the also well-respected brand TEENIE WEENIE, and also witnesses the brave “transformation” of Yang Le after she became the second generation of AWAYLEE’s Managing Director, realizing the “double breakthrough” of the brand and herself.


In May 2022, AWAYLEE and TEENIE WEENIE collaborated for the first time and released their “Forever Girl” collection, which was an immediate sensation. Because of the imagination and exploration full of vitality, the design and ingenuity full of vividness, AWAYLEE and TEENIE WEENIE’s first cooperation greatly “baptized” the aesthetics in the girl fashion circle. The glowing praise of vitality and the pure interpretation and expression of the original intention and nature of girls, all quickly established Yang Le as a pioneer and explorer in the girl fashion circle in the new era among famous and independent designers in China. One year later, in May 2023, “A Dairy of Run Away” capsule collection was released again. Yang Le cooperated with the same commercial brand for the second time after she took over AWAYLEE in 2019, which is currently rare in the whole Chinese fashion industry.


In the spring and summer of 2023, AWAYLEE is significantly different from previous “changes”, which Yang describes as “jaunty youth and girlish style”. In the first three seasons, Yang Le accurately predicted that 2023 would be AWAYLEE’s “year of transformation” by preserving the accumulation and precipitation of AWAYLEE’s girlish classic elements as much as possible. Yang Le wants her works to give full vent to her opinions, attitudes and trends: more lighthearted and up-to-date themes, more relaxed and concise expressions. This collection attempts to break the deadlock from the inside, reshape and forge, so that AWAYLEE can take on a new look.

“Pragmatism” is Yang Le’s orientation of the audience circle based on her observation and understanding of young people in the new era. To this end, Yang Le is willing to break and reshape the proven successful experience in the past. The jaunty youth, representing a more distinctive personal color, will usher in a new era of girlish style. Yang Le will continue to create and innovate classic elements, and make AWAYLEE more popular and independent on the way towards the “new style era”.


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