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On September 4, 2023, the MEME token will be listed on both the P2B Exchange and BitForex Exchange simultaneously, with plans to also list on Lbank in early September. To commemorate this event, MEMETOON is planning a special event and will be gifting NFTs to users as a token of appreciation.

Through the soon-to-be-launched Staking module on the official MEMETOON website http://www.memetoon.io/, participants will receive NFTs based on the following rules:

The participants who stake for 90 days (with a 2% interest rate) will receive a limited-edition membership (subscription) NFT.

Additionally, those who stake for 200 days (with a 5% interest rate) will receive a VIP NFT.

Furthermore, participants who stake for 365 days (with a 10% interest rate) will receive a prestigious VVIP NFT.

Moreover, if participants stake over 300,000 MEME tokens for 365 days (with a 10% interest rate), they will receive all three types of NFTs. These NFTs are expected to have a value ranging from $100 to $300 and will be publicly available on Opensea.

If you have a love for comics and an interest in the cryptocurrency industry, MEMETOON provides a great opportunity for you to participate in its ecosystem. The MEME token is expected to continue growing, and MEMETOON will strive to provide participants with high value and enjoyment.

Please note that in the event of NFTs being sold out early, the distribution may be discontinued even if participants have joined the event. Additionally, each individual and wallet can receive a maximum of five NFTs as part of the event.

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